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Enjoy a super cleansing bar soap packed with organic mint and rosemary as it stimulates the entire body waking you from within. Start your day off fresh and ready to go with our magical invigorating Rosemary Mint Soap.Organic peppermint is antiseptic, balances out the oil production, reduces redness, relieves pain, controls acne on the face and body, improves blood circulation, and brightens skin.By using this soap you will clear skin up, tone, and bring dull skin back to life. Best used in the morning, take our Rosemary Mint bar soap and use as a scrub or apply soap to a wash cloth and clean skin in a circular motion.PeppermintWhat we like about this Rosemary Mint BarA quick way to get skin glowing againIt feels like you shed a billion skin cells especially if used in combination with a Korean Exfoliating MittThe smell is a fresh and uplifting combination of peppermint and rosemaryYou get out of the shower feeling ready to tackle your day.  

Rosemary Mint Bar

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