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The Major Key to "MajorKey2FeelFree" motivation.
Above, is a picture of my son Amir Major, who is one of the many reasons why I became so passionate about all natural skin care and aromatherapy. My partner and I have amazing beautiful children not just Major but once he was born we chose to dedicate and focus on a healthier lifestyle so we can be able to live a healthier happy life for our children. I hope you choose to follow our journey with us and realize self love is the Major Key to health, wealth and happiness.
Its no surprise that organic skin care market has exploded. Over the years, people have become more aware of what's inside their skin care products and have begun to make better decisions about what they allow on their skin.

People are overdosing on too many different products without paying attention to the ingredients inside or the inter-play between those ingredients. This leads to skin conditions such as breakouts, perioral dermatitis or enlarged pores, which are all results of the inflammatory process. 
Major Key is dedicated to those who want to take skin care into their own hands. We are willing to work with you and create a skin care that is just right for YOU. Hello, welcome you have came to the right page. Kick back, grab a drink and find out how you are one step closer to having healthy, happy and beautiful skin at your age. 

All products are handmade with LOVE.

I look forward to seeing all the positive results in your new skin care journey with Major Key.
- Ashlynn Iris
11 x 8.5 in (3).jpg
11 x 8.5 in (3).jpg
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