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Most people drink coffee for its taste and its caffeine jolt but did you know that even just the scent of coffee has its own benefits. The smell of coffee and coffee scented products have been found to help perk you up as well as helping regulate sleep while helping to reduce stress.


  • With this coffee scented candle you can enjoy the same benefits of that rich and robust coffee scent without having to take a trip to Starbucks. By simply burning a coffee scented candle (or melting coffee scented wax tarts) the aroma can give you a caffeinated feel to keep yourself motivated throughout your busy day.


Combining other scents with your coffee candle or tarts can affect your mood.


  • An added citrus kick you can feel even more awake and motivated. Sweet tones of vanilla, caramel, or hazelnut will give off a soothing smell and make you feel comfort and a mocha scented candle can act as an aphrodisiac.

Wake Me Up Candle

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